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The kitchen

Chef Enrico Marmo’s kitchen is characterized by clear and decisive flavors and the use of a few selected ingredients from the land and the sea, in order to avoid any kind of waste.

In the dishes’ preparation method, the vastly used one is flame cooking - for its ability to exalt the raw materials authentically and faithfully – and the spontaneous herbs, such as coastal grasses, which are often collected directly from the rocks a few steps away from the restaurant: glasswort, sea fennel, sorrel; and earthy ones: borage, dandelion, and chicory. Thanks to Enrico Marmo’s studies in Botanical Agronomy, the herbs are carefully selected by. Chef himself or the kitchen brigate.

Everything that can be self-produced is made in the kitchen: fresh pasta, bread, baked goods. This is all a part of that daily gesture to guarantee the freshness and fragrance of the dishes.

The raw material

The raw material is purchased nearby and not far from the restaurant, from producers who share our respect for nature, the land that hosts us, methods, and the people who work there. The oil is made exclusively from Taggiasca olives from the historic Sant'Agata oil mill in Oneglia in the Imperia area, which has created an exclusive selection for us; the fish is naturally local one, while the vegetables and some herbs come from our small vegetable garden, which is located inside the Ascheri farm, which is on a piece of land overhanging the sea, on the border with France and about a hundred meters from the restaurant.

The chef

Enrico Marmo was born in Canelli (AT) in 1987. After attending ALMA, he began wandering the haute cuisines. The experiences has contributed a lot to his professional training. The first one being the Gellius di Oderzo (TV) and later at Cracco in Milano, as the head of the hors d'oeuvres, and finally as the sous chef of Davide Palluda at All'Enoteca in Canale (CN). He left that for his first job as executive chef at the Balzi Rossi restaurant in Ventimiglia (IM). The next experience was in Tuscany as executive chef in the gastronomic restaurant of the 5-star Castel Monastero resort in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI), and later at Osteria Arborina, as executive chef of the 1 Michelin Star gastronomic restaurant and the Bistrot.

In March 2022 he returned to Balzi Rossi restaurant, and in November he brought us the Michelin Star that had been missing for 13 years.

In October 2022 Enrico Marmo receives the Tradizione Futura award from the Gambero Rosso 2023 Restaurant Guide.

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