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The menu

The dishes

One is the tasting menu option, Momento, consisting of five or seven surprise courses based on market availability. In this journey the personality of the chef emerges forcefully, offering a concentration of his culinary thought, made up of manual skill, dynamism and instinctiveness.

Alongside the tasting, there is a menu À la carte made up of a small selection of dishes, some of which are iconic of the restaurant, such as the Ligurian rabbit or the Ravioli della Pina.

The wines

A menu that speaks of Italian and French wines as belonging to a single territory, as it must be in a border town, and that focuses on Piedmont, Liguria, Cote d'Azur, in the stretch up to Marseille, and Corsica, in particular as regards reds and rosé, but also excellent quality whites.

The research of the sommelier Lorenzo Moraldo does not focus on a specific category of wines, such as natural or organic ones, but has the aim of selecting producers who care about their work.

Due to the large presence of native vines in Italy - there are over 1500 - it becomes unthinkable for the sommelier not to take into consideration the labels that highlight local productions, such as the Bosco and Albarola characteristics of the Cinque Terre, drafting of the wine list.

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