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“This historic bulwark of Italian cuisine on the French border has had a facelift: there’s now a new, elegant and contemporary dining room, although the spectacular view of the Côte d’Azur from the small terrace remains unchanged. The cuisine has its roots in the past with dishes which have been served here for decades, now reinterpreted with a skilful touch of modernity.”

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You can hear its sound before even reaching the entrance; you can perceive the smell in the shadows from the maritime pines; it fills your eyes as soon as you enter the room; you can almost touch it from the terrace on certain days when it makes its voice heard; experience its flavor, taking a seat at our table. The sea and the five senses.


The vegetables are the real protagonists of this land and the starting point of the philosophy of the chef Enrico Marmo. It is what you would not expect from Liguria; The body several of recipes that are considered signature dishes, such as Vegetable cappun magro. The soul of our kitchen.

Land fare

When looking for authenticity, the gaze goes immediately to the hinterland. the lesser explored area, the least regarded in the region and perhaps the truest, the one that does not come with too many frills, but only one with its natural and wild essence.

The people

It is the people, that make this place a unique and special spot which many recognize and seek. Thanks to the smiles of those who welcome you, the gestures from the kitchen, the complicity of the brigade, the skills of those who serve. Above all, what makes the difference is our passion for what we do and the desire to never stop striving for excellence.

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